Focus on what’s essential, not just busy work.  Not just things to do so you can cross off something from a “list”.  What are you are doing? Is it actually adding to a further destination?  Is it an essential piece of the lego block that helps to build a stronger foundation for your empire.  When making this decision, just keep your loved ones in mind.  It will help you narrow it down much faster when making task decisions.  In Zen Habits, Leo Babauta speaks on productivity and not turning away from difficulty or discomfort for distractions and easier tasks.  I’m in total agreement with this because of the people you are serving and your purpose is worth the discomfort it brings because of the future intended result.  This is why there has to be a certain level of joy to what you do, to help you get through any discomfort you may face in achieving your goals.  

“Be present with the fear and uncertainty, but don’t let if force you to exit” Leo Babauta