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What Is the Celsius Network?

The Celsius Network is a financial technology (fintech) platform that offers interest-bearing savings accounts, borrowing, and payments with digital and fiat assets. It operates on an economic model that challenges conventional banking models while prioritizing the Celsius community.

Alex Mashinsky, Founder & CEO, Celsius Network


Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. Our mission is to create an open financial system for the world and to be the leading global brand for helping people convert digital currency into and out of their local currency.

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Klever (KLV) is a crypto wallet ecosystem serving above 2 million users globally with Klever App, Klever Swap and Klever OS. Klever's emerging platforms Klever Blockchain, Klever Exchange and Klever Bank are set to launch in 2021, all powered by the utility token KLV.

Klever App is a simple, versatile and secure self-custody crypto wallet, supporting the world’s major blockchains. The app offers 300+ trading pairs in Klever Swap, and direct access to ETH and TRX-based DApps in Klever Browser. Klever is a decentralized p2p and self-custody wallet network, putting the private keys in the hands of their users.

KLV serves as the fuel for the entire Klever ecosystem, and ensures reduced Klever Swap fees. KLV Staking allows users to earn a passive income, with over 60% of all KLV in circulation currently frozen and staked by Klever users.  

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KuCoin is a Hong Kong-based exchange that has been in operation since 2017. The exchange was created to give people all over the world access to a simple and safe platform to buy and sell a range of digital currencies with the company marketing themselves as “The People’s Exchange”.

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Sweatcoin, the London-based tech company on a mission to inspire a healthier planet by incentivizing people to move more, has partnered with the NEAR Foundation to launch SWEAT, a radical new token. Designed to truly unlock the power of movement, this revolutionary cryptocurrency is minted purely by steps. With more than 63 million users who’ve walked over 19 trillion steps and 600+ brand partners who provided over $200 million worth of goods in Q4’21 alone, SWEAT represents one of the most significant steps in mobilizing the new movement economy. “Sweatcoin was founded with a vision to create a new economy of wealth through health,” says Anton Derlyatka, Co-founder at Sweatcoin. “For every 1,000 steps you take, you earn a Sweatcoin that can be redeemed for goods and services in the app from brands including Sonos and Reebok, or to donate to important charities such as Save the Children via Sweatcoin for Good.” 


iTrustCapital is a self-directed IRA provider that gives you the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies, gold and silver through your retirement account. iTrustCapital focuses on providing investors with a straightforward and easy-to-understand platform, which can be a major asset if you’ve never bought or sold alternative investments in the past.


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Uphold is a cloud-based financial service platform that enables individuals to securely move, convert, hold and transact in various assets. Uphold offers 27 fiat currencies, 43 cryptocurrencies, and four types of precious metals.

FTX Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange

FTX is a crypto exchange backed by Alameda Research, a top cryptocurrency liquidity provider. It is among the top five derivatives exchanges by volume. Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, invested a large sum in FTX in December 2019. This shows that it is a promising and trustworthy platform.

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CRYPTO.COM is a cryptocurrency and payment platform. Its main aim is to promote the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. Founded in 2016, already has over 3 million users.

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Come Network with MYC and you will never see this space the same again.MYC Specializes in Multi-Platform Analysis and Currency Design. We've launched for multiple companies within the Crypto Sector as well as Educate on Coin to Token Infrastructure.Our CEO and Speaker: Dion Ruiz will be leading the conference to discuss multiple platforms from a macro perspective to simplify the space in a form everyone can understand from basic level to pros.We invite all education levels of Crypto Enthusiast to this event to Network with Real Developers within the space to simplify and connect on another level aside from the typical mainstream media hype. Learn Crypto from a Admin/Developers perspective and see how knowing Tokenomics will unlock massive value in your research for portfolio growth.MYCNETWORK.CRYPTO is on multiple social platforms. (Twitter, IG, LINKEDIN,YOUTUBE)Special Guest Appearances from BLOCKCHAIN MONKEYZ & The Kevin Alan Show

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It's your money. Own it.

Ledger’s the smartest way to secure, buy, exchange and grow your crypto assets.


Bitrue is a forward-thinking cryptocurrency exchange platform dedicated to providing the most trustworthy digital asset management services in a simple, efficient and secure manner. Launched in 2018, Bitrue is a global company with a vision in providing both novice and advanced traders a simple, yet highly secured and efficient environment to manage digital assets in a better way. The company was built by a good mix of digital finance experts, cyber security specialists and blockchain developers, who share the same passion of redefining crypto trading experiences.

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Probit is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Seychelles (ProBit Global) and South Korea (ProBit Korea). The centralized exchange. allows trading all over the world. The exchange offers a wide selection of altcoins and DeFi tokens. Probit and other crypto services are accessible via email registration.

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Secure digital wallet and social payments app. Maiar is the simplest way to buy, store or transfer crypto money. Powered by the amazing Elrond blockchain, it will radically change the way we interact with money. Maiar is intuitively simple and highly secure, enabling any phone user to join in seconds.


Mandala aims to be the most trusted digital asset exchange on the market. We want our users to trade cryptocurrency with confidence on an industry-leading exchange platform with access to the largest liquidity pool in the world.

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Put simply, Trustlines specify the amount of a token that you're willing to hold. They are necessary if you want to send or receive assets from other accounts or wallets on the XRP or Stellar network. You can read about Trustlines in more detail here.

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